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The goal of the fourth Annual BHSECQ Black Lives Matter Day of Action includes educating our community about the principles underlying the Black Lives Matter movement and understanding what it means to have an inclusive environment — that understanding and appreciating the lives of those who are underrepresented is important to society. This day is an acknowledgment that one step towards equity and inclusion is the education of not only our youth but of those who teach them.


Our school will again hold workshops with the objective of reaffirming the experiences of Black teachers, students, and families. For this day, regular classes will be suspended, and instead, we will hear from powerful members of the Black community. They will speak on topics from mass incarceration and police violence, to intersectionality and the portrayals of Blacks in film and STEM fields. Through these workshops, students will gain a new understanding, and deeper compassion, for Black lives and experiences. This day is meant to shine a light on the systemic racism that exists both in our schools and in our country as a whole.


To clarify, the goal of this day is awareness, not agitation. This day is about the inclusion of problems that Black communities face, not the exclusion of anyone else. If anything, this day should highlight the necessity of having such conversations surrounding the experiences of students of color.