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Clubs & Organizations Fall 2022

The BHSEC Student Activities Center supports BHSEC’s academic mission by contributing to and enhancing the social and cultural life of the school. The Center supports student-led groups and connects students to outside service opportunities and activities.

 Abled-Disabled Alliance (ADA)


The Abled-Disabled Alliance (ADA) is a group of students and faculty who identify as disabled and abled student allies. ADA recognizes that the support for people with disabilities has been lacking in some areas, especially social-emotional connections and representation in the curriculum. ADA works to improve representation, visibility and access, and build community for students with disabilities. ADA is a safe space for the voices of people with disabilities and their allies.

Achillea Peer Tutoring


We are a BHSECQ chapter of Achillea Peer Tutoring. Achillea Peer Tutoring is a youth led organization that pairs student tutors with peers in foster care. Students in foster care tend to fall behind academically due to their circumstances. Half of high school students in foster care will not graduate. Achillea Peer Tutoring is offering much needed free online tutoring that is flexible for both tutors and students. You are also able to receive volunteer hours for the hours you tutor.

American Sign Language Club (ASL)



American Sign Language (ASL) Club is a way for members to learn how to effectively communicate with deaf people. Members will be taught how to sign, will engage in a variety of games to help practice ASL, and learn about the deaf community overall.

Amnesty International


Amnesty International is an organization committed to fighting for human rights all across the world no matter who they are or where they are. As youth, it is important that we take a stand against the human rights injustices and violations which are being faced by millions. This club would primarily be dedicated to raising awareness and fundraising for important issues that Amnesty International is involved in. Additionally, students will be able to take part in local policy change. This policy change would take place through students writing letters to local politicians and starting petitions about issues they are greatly passionate about.

Asian Student Union


BHSECQ Asian Student Union (ASU) provides a safe space for discourse surrounding the Asian experience within and outside of Bard! This year, we plan to continue our advocacy for Asian youth and work with community partners to expand our impact. ASU also serves as a social space to connect with other Asians from across the BHSECQ community. Join us (leadership is available)!

Bard Exchange


The Investment Club will be an environment where students who strive to learn about finance will receive the opportunity to delve deeper into the world of investing through learning the fundamentals. Most people spend a good amount of their adult life worrying about money because they don't start learning about money management until they are faced with the financial realities of life. For this reason, it is crucial to learn about investing before we need to start making financial decisions. High schoolers are not too far away from this feat, and it is never too early to start. With the utilization of the platform Coursera, we will be taking beginner-level courses on the different topics of finance – more specifically, investing. We plan to address topics such as risk management, budgeting, saving, and even tackling the stock market.

Bard School Survival Guide


The Bard School Survival Guide club strives to help all grades of BHSECQ throughout their years in high school. After a hard year of online learning (last year) and socialization, we find that it is important to help settle everyone back into the school environment and adjust to being back in person. We want to help everybody get through their high school year(s) successfully and hope that our club will connect the entire BHSECQ community. The Bard School Survival Guide club will offer many activities such as fun, interactive games that help everyone get to know each other, help with homework, insight on their classes and workshops or sessions of advice from upperclassmen throughout the semester. There are always things that both the upper and lower classmen can learn, whether it is from guest speakers, peers or even faculty members. This club will be beneficial to all grades!




Do you enjoy cooking, and helping your community? Then join (and help us name) our new club, where we use food and cooking to strengthen our school and neighborhood community. We will write about food that we eat and cook at home, work with food banks and soup kitchens to help NYC communities, and eventually hold in-school fundraiser events like potlucks and banquets. Help us get this club off the ground, and grow it into something fun and worthwhile!




BHSECs for BPI brings together students to learn about the growing movement to provide quality education to incarcerated individuals (and Bard's critical involvement in this  movement), as well as to raise funds and awareness for the Bard Prison  Initiative.

Black Girls Talk(BGT)



Black Girls Talk is a student-led organization at BHSECQ created to provide a safe space for the Black female students, staff, and faculty on campus. We strive to have conversations that are not being held in the classroom such as colorism, representation in the media, Black women in STEM, and other conversations that relate to being a young Black woman. Black Girls Talk provides its members with the opportunity to grow in financial literacy and professional development through the guest speaker series. In this past year, members met The Budgetnista(a.k.a Tiffany Aliche), Beatrice Dixon, founder, and CEO of The Honey Pot, Paris McKenzie, CEO of Paris Beauty Supplyz, and other Black female professionals.

Black Student Union



The Black Student Union was created as a safe space for students who identify as Black/African-American and their allies. It's a space to talk about our experiences as black students in BHSECQ and higher education in general. We hope to create meaningful dialogue that empowers black students and combat feelings of imposter syndrome by fostering an inclusive community. It's open to all members of the BHSECQ community regardless of racial identity.

Board Game Club



A space to relax, take a break from school, and play board games!

BHSECQ's Boldest Step Team

Tuesdays &



BHSECs Step Team is a place where students come together to learn step and work to together as a team to work on performances. Step is a dance with heavy African and pop culture roots, which consists of clapping, stomping, and body slapping. The team performs during International Night and Extravaganza, as well as a possible battle.

Botany/Plant Club



The club will bring together members who want to learn about the amazing world of plants! We will learn how to grow plants from seeds, maintain and take care of them and learn propagation techniques such as cutting and rooting for various species. We will also carry out other plant centered projects and discuss/research plant related topics of interest.

BQ Broadside


BQ Broadside is the club for BHSECQ's official newspaper. We publish monthly editions and upload original pieces onto the newspaper's website. Pieces include articles of a variety of topics and original artwork and comic strips made by our very own BHSECQ students.

Charity Club


The main pillars for this club is charity and advocacy. We hope to advocate and voluntarily aid those in need to solve greater issues within and outside of our community. This club will focus mainly on Operation Smile, a nonprofit organization institutionalized to perform surgeries for anyone with cleft lip or cleft palate. From a wide range of 80 countries, they collaboratively engage in free procedures and surgeries to those all over. We strive to host fundraisers and raise money to support and mobilize Operation Smile, particularly to those who are in need of adequate surgery. Accompanied by this project, we also want to organize walk-a-thons to spread more awareness and raise money. While we are primarily working with this organization, we are open to support any other charities and hope to lessen the burdens of those involved.

Chess Club



The BHSEC Chess Club welcomes everybody who is interested in chess regardless of skill level. We will play chess online, watch games in progress, and share tips on how to improve our chess skills. We intend for this club to be a relaxed environment for people to get together and socialize. There is no obligation to attend every meeting; please feel free to drop by on a Thursday at 4pm when you feel like playing chess.

Christian Seekers Club



The Christian Seekers Club is a cross cultural and cross denominational club. We welcome people to explore questions they may have about Christianity. Meetings consist of worship, prayer, testimonies and Bible study.

Debate Team



We argue and discuss topics both serious and silly in a variety of formats. In addition, we prepare for and attend debate tournaments against other schools. Come if you love current events, or talking, or arguing, or if you passionately hate all these things and you want to convince us why.

Dream Team



The Dream Team strives to support and uplift the immigrant community at BHSECQ and beyond. We work with other activists and organizations to advocate for undocumented people with workshops and educational talks. Additionally, we raise money for the HOPE scholarship, which helps undocumented students in Bard Early College programs who are unable to access other forms of financial aid.

Filipino Culture Club



Filipino Culture Club is a performance-based club revolving mostly around Filipino cultural and modern dances. Aside from our cultural performance at International Night, we will also study the different aspects of Filipino culture and create together a Filipino Cookbook. We are also currently exploring other opportunities such as volunteer work.

Future Business Leaders Club 


FBLA is the high school division of career and technical student organization dedicated to preparing students for careers in business development. FBLA members will demonstrate leadership skills through state and national events, fundraising activities and chapter officer positions.

Future Medical Leaders Club 


Future Medical Leaders is a club for students who aspire to pursue a career in the medical field. In this club we educate ourselves and each other about the different options in the medical field, the path to medical school, and options available to engage in early exposure to medicine. We also have guest speakers whose wisdom can guide us as we pursue medicine.

Girls Who Code



Girls Who Code is a club run all throughout the world that focuses on closing the gender gap in STEM fields by allowing women a space to work in technology (they run 8,500 clubs worldwide). The Bard Girls Who Code branch has been both a combination of programs from the Girls Who Code headquarters page as well as other coding related projects (both individual and in groups).

GYLT: Get Your Life Together



GYLT is a yearlong club designed to help high school students who might be unsure of what career path they would like to pursue. Through our monthly career exploration workshops, with guest speakers who are professionals in their respective fields, GYLT allows students to take a deeper look into what they are passionate about and discover new interests.



Officially affiliated with the Key Club Organization, our club gives students the opportunity to conduct community service alongside peers and develop leadership skills. For the upcoming school year, we plan to collaborate with our local Kiwanis club for larger service and fundraising projects as well as continue our tutoring initiative.

KRUSH K-Pop Dance Team

Tuesday, Thursdays & Fridays

KRUSH is a Kpop Dance Team dedicated to learning and performing Kpop choreographies at school-wide events such as International Night and Extravaganza.

La Fuerza Unida (LFU)



LFU is a student led organization dedicated to creating a safe space for the Latinx students on campus. We help educate them of current issues surrounding the Latinx community, prepare them with career development workshops and simply create a spaces for their voices to be heard. Not only that, but we educate the BHSECQ community on Latinx issues and how they can be allies.

Math Team



As the Math Team, we will explore exciting offshoots of math, like logic puzzles, work on interesting problems which you hopefully haven't seen before, and occasionally engage in competitions. This problem's difficulty comes from asking you to think in new ways, so everyone is welcome and capable of enjoying our problems.

Model United Nations 

Mondays & Thursdays


A club in which we practice representing different nations or people in debates and attend both national and international conferences to compete against other schools.

Muslim Student Association (MSA) 



We compete in the Annual MIST competition that features all MSA clubs in high schools. We also speak of Islam and educate people about Islam and how it relates to many people. We also fundraise and try to help out the Muslim Community.

New York Student Mental Health Organization 



The New York Student Mental Health Organization (NYSMHO) is a student-led organization that focuses primarily on deconstructing the stigmas against discussing a variety of mental health related issues. Since 2019, NYSMHO members have organized a two-week metal health curriculum for NYC students, published an informational NYSMHO magazine, fundraised for various mental health organizations, and overall enabled access to more student mental health resources. NYSMHO also serves as a safe space to freely express feelings in a non-judgmental setting.




Hosting workshops to review photography and editing techniques.

Physics Club 



A place to learn and discuss physics outside the normal school curriculum. We'll learn physics, solve cool problems, and do some experiments.

Sexuality and Gender Alliance ( SAGA)



SAGA is a safe space for LGBTQ+ students. We value privacy along with community, and are committed to creating queer-inclusive spaces and events for the BHSECQ community. We host speakers, support the queer voices at BHSECQ, and advocate for necessary changes in order to make BHSECQ a more LGBTQ+ positive environment.

Student Government



Student Government is a student-led organization dedicated to amplifying student voices, representing student ideas, planning community events, and improving school-wide policies. We hosted BHSECQ’s first-ever Mental Health Day with 70+ total workshops and 20+ outside speakers, instituted the Homework Over Breaks policy, hosted town halls with students and administration, hosted fun and informative workshops, proposed curriculum changes to faculty, and now organized BHSECQ’s first Virtual Club Fair with 40+ clubs!




We are a science based gazette looking for writers, editors, artists and graphic designers. We write articles about science and sometimes host special events.

Switch Club



In this club, we will be playing video games available on the Nintendo switch.

The Hype & Scribble Society

Tuesdays & Thursdays 

Scribble Society is BHSECQ's writer's circle! Where writers come to learn and grow together. With weekly goals, workshops, group studies, and Write With Me's, Scribblers explore not only their own craft, but their fellow members', expanding their writing styles. Connections with The Hype and Broadside's Creative Corner allows Scribblers an opportunity to publish their work within school, while also preparing them for outside competitions and scholarships!
The Hype is BHSECQ's Literary Magazine! As a celebration of our school's creativity The Hype features both fiction writing and artwork made by BHSECQ students. This year will be our first digital publication. 

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