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Advisory Notes: March 4th, 2020

Updated: Apr 27

Announcements: ________________________________________________________________ (All Students) March 1st was the start of a New York statewide plastic bag ban! To support this movement, the Green Team is going to host a reusable orange bag drive next Wednesday (3/11)! Green Team members will be handing out FREE reusable orange bags, so keep an eye out for us after school to support the important cause! They are a great way to make a small change in your daily life that is sustainable and can make a difference in plastic waste. We are so grateful for NYC’s plastic bag ban, but look forward to the necessary movement and action that must be taken. We hope you come and get a bag!  If you are interested in learning more about Green Team come join us Wednesdays after school in room 730. ____________________________________________________________________ (All Students) La Fuerza Unida would like to invite you to a Posse Workshop. Q & A with Year 2 Posse Scholars. Posse Scholars receive full-tuition leadership scholarships from Posse’s partner colleges. Tuesday, March 10 th at 3:45pm in room 620! ____________________________________________________________________