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Advisory Notes: October 23, 2019



(9th and 10th grade Students) Would you like to have a Peer Mentor? Peer Mentors are Year 1 and Year 2 students who provide high school students with guidance, support and friendship. Peer Mentors meet regularly with their mentees and provide them with resources and tools to successfully navigate BHSECQ.

If you are interested in having a Peer Mentor, you should attend Bard DNA's Mentor Mentee Match Up on Monday, October 28th, from 3:45pm-4:30pm in the cafeteria. During this event, Peer Mentors and prospective mentees will engage in a series of getting to know you and bonding activities.

At the end of the event, Peer Mentors and prospective mentees will share the names of individuals who they connected with and would like to have as a Mentee/Mentor.

Please note that space is limited and preference will be given to Bard DNA Fellows. Please arrive on time!

Karimah Shabazz, Director of Bard DNA,

Arpita Dhar, Mentorship Committee Chair,


(All students) The fall production at Bard, The Wolves by Sarah Delappe, has an Instagram and Twitter account! We’ll be posting updates on the show as well as behind the scenes photos. Follow @TheWolves.BHSECQ on Instagram and @TheWolves_BHSECQ on twitter.


(All students) (All students) CALL FOR ART for Black Lives Matter Day of Action!

Black Lives Matter day of action takes place every year at BHSEC Queens. It is a day dedicated to educating students and professors about history, racial equality, and social justice through workshops and presentations. This year, BLM day of action will take place on Tuesday, January 28th, 2020.

As usual, the Black Lives Matter day of action committee is organizing the annual art contest for BLM day of action. We are looking for a T-shirt design. The design must have the words "Black Lives Matter." You are welcome but not limited to include the phrases "at school," "Day of Action 2019," and "BHSEC Queens." The logo for the shirt should be in one color and clear enough to print onto black T-shirts. New York themes are encouraged. Submissions can include any type of 2D media (drawings, paintings, prints) relating to the topic of Black Lives Matter. The winning artist will receive a T-shirt with their art on it, as well as publicity, since this artwork will be printed on T-shirts, pins, stickers, and promotional posters for the important day. We invite you all to participate! All submissions should be sent as a PDF or easily downloadable file by Nov 15th and emailed to

(Year 1 Students) The official CTO process starts next semester when you will be paired with a CTO advisor but until then, I wanted to make you aware of what's written there and the ways in which you can get involved in the CTO process early!

1. Save the Date! Year One Student and Family CTO Kick-Off - Wednesday, November 11th - 6:00-7:30 in the auditorium.

2. Check out the Calendar for Upcoming Fall College Rep Visits for Y1's and Y2's or see the calendar outside the CTO. Year Ones' are STRONGLY encouraged to attend these visits in their free periods! All visits take place in the College Transfer Office in the Back of the Library (it's bigger than it looks and we have lollipops). These are a GREAT way to get a head start on the admissions process!

3. Follow Us: IG @bhsecqueenscto & BHSECQ CTO Channel - we host AMA's and post videos from alumni and CTO related content.

4. Sign up for Text Messages from the CTO: Class of 2021 (Y1) Students and Parents/Guardians - this is the BEST way to stop on top of CTO related announcements!

5. Finally, I can always use help in the CTO sorting through materials, putting up posters and updating records. Stop by if you are interested! Must be detail-oriented and be able to commit to two periods a week.

You can always find these links in my emails at the bottom!


Lenni Yesner

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