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Advisory Notes: November 20, 2019

(All students) Please take extra care not to lose or damage your MetroCards. Systems Management is running low on replacements, and once the stock of MetroCards runs out, it's possible that no student will be able to get a new card until the beginning of the spring semester. Please speak to Jon Cann in room 617A if you have any questions or if you have a problem with your MetroCard.

(All students) BARD DNA is hosting a Winter Clothing Drive from November 18 to December 13! All donations will go to the Floating Hospital, an organization that provides healthcare to families regardless of insurance, immigration status, or ability to pay, in LIC.

We are collecting jackets, hats, sweaters, gloves, scarves, and other winter attire ranging in ALL SIZES for men, women, and children!

P.S. If you have non-winter clothing, donate it to the Green Team Clothing Drive this Friday, November 22nd from 8:15 to 9:00 am before school!


(All students) A message for all students and faculty from LFU La fuerza unida:

For the following couple of weeks, La Fuerza Unida is fundraising for refugees of the Venezuelan crisis through the CARE organization. Currently thousands of children are at risk of dying from malnutrition and people are unable to afford healthcare. With more than 3 million people having fled Venezuela to countries such as Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru in search for habitable homes and jobs to support themselves and their families,

and not as many places to work as they often have an illegal status many women and girls have to go into sex work. Resulting in abuse and illegal sex trafficking.

With the nonprofit CARE organization they have the ability to make a change, through funds collected YOU can help women and refugees get sanitary and medical products, in addition to Cash vouchers for food and safe transport.

The CARE organization not only sends care packages with products including sanitary wipes, toothbrushes and soap these funds also help supply cash vouchers, safe transport, and fund events to talk about xenophobia and gender violence to promote inclusion.

LFU is committed to helping our Venezuelean brothers and sisters. We will be hosting a fundraiser Thursday evening during PTC selling empanadas at $3.00 each, so please stop by, enjoy a delicious empanada while also helping in an important cause.

We also have a gofundme you can donate to at: https://charity.gofundme.com/o/en/campaign/for-venezuela1

Together we can make a difference!

Unidos somos la fuerza!


(All students) Fencing Workshop/Lesson

Hey, my name is Sammy. I’m a Year 1, and have been fencing foil for 3 years now (Foil is one of the three types of modern fencing). I’m going to be running a foil fencing lesson/workshop for people of all levels of experience with fencing. Anyone can come! If you have no idea how to fence, but you want to learn, this is a great opportunity! And if you do have experience, this is a good chance to improve your skills. This will take place this Friday, November 22, in some tbd location at school. It will run from 4th period to 8th, but you can leave anytime if you want. I do not recommend missing the beginning though. If you want to come or are interested in fencing at bard, email me at sn699q@bhsec.bard.edu

In order to participate, you must wear stretchy pants or shorts (preferably pants) and sneakers or some other athletic shoe.

I’ll see you there!


(All students) Reminder: Undocufriendly BHSECQ is sponsoring a blogathon for Immigrant Voices. The Advisory that generates the most submissions to the blog wins a large bag of a variety of candy. Submissions are due electronically (follow the instructions for submitting on the blog, linked above) by 11:59 PM TODAY, Wednesday, November 20th. The winning Advisory will receive their candy on November 27th! Important: if your submission is anonymous, include your advisor’s name in order to qualify for candy. ____________________________________________________________________

(All students) BHSEC Queens welcomes immigrant families! Two organizations at BHSECQ support our undocumented students and undocumented family members: Undocufriendly BHSECQ, a group of faculty, staff, and students, and the BHSECQ Dream Team, a student-led organization. The Dream Team provides support and community for students on Tuesdays from 3:40 - 4:30 PM in Room 622. Undocufriendly BHSECQ offers support for families with questions about immigration status or who are facing immigration challenges by:

-providing information about your legal rights

-helping you and your family find free or low-cost legal help

-connecting you and your family with immigration advocacy and support organizations in New York City

-preparing information packets about your schoolwork and extracurriculars for immigration court cases

-supporting you, regardless of status, through the college application process

Your contacts for the Dream Team are Year 2 Tenzin Namgyal or 10th Grader Leila Gaouette. Your contacts for Undocufriendly BHSECQ are Olga Ramos in the Main Office or Katharina Kempf in Office 606. Reach out to Olga or Katharina in English or in Spanish.


(All students) Meet a representative from ImmSchools at Parent-Teacher Conferences this Friday, November 22nd, from 12:30 - 3:00 PM! ImmSchools is an immigrant led non-profit organization that works to ensure immigrant and undocumented students thrive in the K-12 education system. The ImmSchools representative will provide resources on Know Your Rights, on lawyers in the Queens area and on the New York State Dream Act in English and Spanish. Find the ImmSchools table to the right of the security desk on the 6th Floor.

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