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Advisory Notes: January 28, 2019



(College students) Dear Y1 and Y2 students,

Please read the following Add/Dropprocedures and schedule for Spring 2020.

· To accommodate as many Add/Drop requests as possible we will be accepting requests through this Google Form from now through Friday 4pm. Do not feel pressured to fill this out quickly. This is not a first come first served system. You can meet with your advisor or guidance counselor to discuss possible requests for changes.

· Please attend all classes listed on your schedule on Wednesday 1/29, Thursday 1/30, Friday 1/31 and Monday 2/3. We anticipate distributing updated schedules on Tuesday 2/4 reflecting all schedule changes.

· However, if you believe you are missing graduation requirements (e.g. either a required course like Seminar or you have too few credits), please see your guidance counselor immediately so that we can adjust your schedule.

Even if you have sent a request via email to the instructor, the Deans, or your Guidance counselor, you must use the Add/Drop form to formally make a request.

Spring 2020 Add/Drop Request Form

2020 Spring Course Guide

Please note that 18 credits is the max number of credits that students can take without writing to petition for a credit overload.


(All students) Hi all, International Night is this Friday!

Tickets will be sold after school tomorrow and Thursday at the front of the school.

All proceeds will go towards the HOPE Scholarship, which provides financial assistance towards the cost of tuition and books when our undocumented students transfer to their next college to complete their Bachelor’s degree.


(All students) This Friday, January 31st, is BHSECQ's fourth annual Day of Action for Immigrants! It is being hosted by the Dream Team and Undocufriendly. Show your support by wearing green or by wearing cultural clothing. You can also submit art and writing to our magazine, Immigrant Voices: https://immigrantvoicesmag.weebly.com/ Also, check out Dream Team's book display in the library, and purchase some baked goods before International Night! Purchasing tickets for International Night is another way to help support our cause, because all proceeds are going to the HOPE Scholarship! If you're interested in the work we are doing, join the Dream Team on Tuesdays in room 622 at 3:45 pm.


(Attention All Year 1s) Questbridge Information Session

This upcoming Tuesday (February 4th), La Fuerza Unida will be hosting and organizing an information session on the Questbridge Scholarship. This is an incredible opportunity to potentially receive a full, four-year scholarship worth over $200,000 for some of Questbridge's prestigious college partners:


This Q&A with Year 2 Questbridge Scholars and Match Finalists can provide you with the opportunity to learn about the requirements and college process firsthand, so we definitely hope to see you there.

This session is open to all, but it would be especially helpful to Year 1s who will begin the college application process this semester. If interested, it will be held in Room 620 at 3:45 PM on Tuesday.


(All students) BLM SURVEY: Reminder - if you did not have a chance to complete the survey for this year's BLM Day of Action, the organizers would love to hear your feedback!! Click here: https://forms.gle/W8MNQphAxghy1ehr6

The NYC BLM Week of Action is Feb 1-8! Come to the youth kickoff event on Feb.1st at Harvest Collegiate High School. Take workshops from peers, watch performances, make signs for the main rally, and enjoy a dance party! RSVP to this event ASAP.


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